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As a leader in our field we recognise that we have to set and achieve the highest standards of professional practice.

Our employees are central to our continued success in meeting the needs of our service users and helping them to achieve positive outcomes. We place a high premium on the proper induction, support and supervision and continuing development of all our employees.

Common Induction Standards

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) states that all staff should receive a comprehensive induction that takes account of recognised standards within the sector and is relevant to their workplace and their role. The relevant induction in this context means the Common Induction Standards (2010 refreshed edition).

The Common Induction Standards are recognised by CQC as the required mechanism for good induction.

At Gray Healthcare the Common Induction Standards form a core element in the comprehensive induction standards our staff are required to attain.

Induction is delivered over three consecutive days at Gray Healthcare Head Office in Liverpool by our Education & Development Manager who is a qualified teacher. Thereafter the performance of our support workers is managed, monitored and assessed over the following twelve weeks and continuously throughout their 6-month probationary period with the company. For this purpose, we use the social care institute for excellence (s.c.i.e.) Skills Checks. The Skills Checks cover 38 categories relevant to the knowledge, skills and level of understanding required of our Community Support Workers.

The Standards

The eight standards map across to the mandatory units of the new Health and Social Care Diploma to ensure there is consistency of approach for the workforce. 

  • Standard 1.   Role of the support worker
  • Standard 2.   Personal development
  • Standard 3.   Communicate effectively
  • Standard 4.   Equality and Inclusion
  • Standard 5.   Duty of care
  • Standard 6.   Safeguarding
  • Standard 7.   Person-centred support
  • Standard 8.   Health and safety

We give equal weight to each of the 8 Standards but place particular emphasis on Standards 1., 5. and 6. The Medication element of Standard 8. Health and safety (i.e. Understand agreed ways of working related to medication management and administration) is delivered via a 2-hour session by Mark Pilling Pharm. MPhil. MRPharmS. of SPECTRA HEALTH.

Each standard contains a number of areas of knowledge that our support workers need to know about before they can work unsupervised. Managers have a duty to ensure new members of staff know enough to meet the required learning outcomes in each knowledge area. 

If carried out in depth, the standards provide excellent evidence of underpinning knowledge contributing to the diploma at level 2 or level 3.

Lone working is not permitted until the C.I.S. (Common Induction Standards) are completed and competence has been assessed and a manager 'signs off' the practitioner as 'safe to leave' to work alone.