Review Mechanisms

Gray Healthcare uses clinically effective and NHS renowned tools to establish a baseline for the service user when they enter our service.  Recovery and improvement is then able to be plotted against this in order to demonstrate clear results.  These tools also allow for our model of care to be underpinned by responsible risk taking and allow us to accept those that would usually remain in hospital for a longer period.

Risk assessment and management plan Completed upon admission + ongoing
BPRS Monthly
START Monthly
Recovery Star Completed by week 8 and updated every 6 months
MOHOST Completed by week 8 and updated every 6 months
KGV After 3 months then every 6 months
Lunsers Completed when necessary
CSQ-8 Completed by service user every 6 months

Each service user’s care plan and treatment programme is implemented in conjunction with the service user and subject to a strict review process by each discipline of our MDT.  Internal monthly clinical MDT meetings are used to review the individual overall and to schedule further reductions in support.

Internal Review Mechanisms Include:

  • Person Centred Recovery Plan
  • Daily Risk Assessment + Medication Monitoring
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Progress Review by a Named Nurse
  • Monthly MDT Clinical Review (BPRS, START, incidents, recovery plan, ADLs etc.)
  • Regular Progress Report by Occupational Therapist
  • Regular Report by Psychological Team