Personalised Wrap-Around Clinical Team

Gray Healthcare’s highly individualised model promotes recovery for those with complex needs and challenging behaviour.  In a complex world of revolving door syndrome it provides care, support and treatment in the least restrictive environment.  Packages are tailored towards the needs of each individual service user, and use personalised risk management that addresses early warning signs and ensures that service users receive the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time.

As a result we are able to offer a service from our specialist clinicians that is fully personalised, managing risk to achieve the service user’s optimum level of functioning both psychologically and socially.  We deliver a structured, robust yet therapeutic service in a community context, in the service user’s own home.

Recovery is a team effort that not only includes the service user and Gray Healthcare but also local NHS/council authorities in the form of the care co-ordinator and the community Responsible Clinician (RC).

Packages are offered on an individual needs basis however all service users receive our basic level of care (below).  Support staff can be provided up to 1:1 or 2:1 24hr basis and additional clinical input can be provided to reflect risk and need. 

  • Dedicated and specifically recruited support staff will be with the service user for a minimum of 4 hours of 1-1 time per day (28 hours per week), motivating them through their recovery programme and clinically structured weekly plan 
  • An area specific Gray Healthcare RMN provides a minimum of 1 clinical session per week to update risk assessment and management plans using BPRS, START, KGV and HCR-20
  • An area specific Gray Healthcare Occupational Therapist for a minimum of one clinical session per 2 weeks, using the MOHOST assessment process and Recovery Star develops an individualised therapy programme in conjunction with the service user to enable them to achieve their goals
  • Area specific Gray Healthcare Psychological support is provided by CBT / DBT sessions for a minimum of 1 session per two weeks, to address any psychological issues and also to provide cognitive restructuring
  • Linked with an on-call experienced RMN available 24 hours, 7 days a week provide crisis intervention to risk increases and immediate problems
  • Dedicated area supervision is provided in the form of a Community Support Manager.  They ensure our quality care is delivered consistently by monitoring time keeping and all documentation, as well as liaising with head office, community team and NHS staff
  • Additional financial support is providing by our accounts department who are able to offer an appointee service to help with bill paying and budget planning
  • RESLINK clock in/clock out system provides remote monitoring of staff attendance and ensures delivery of package and security
  • Area specific Gray Healthcare commissioners provide updates and results to funder and care co-ordinator alike