Outcomes & Case Studies

Gray Healthcare provides the appropriate input at the correct frequency in an environment where the care team is focusing purely on that service user and is free of other ward type distractions.  We are simply providing exactly what the service user needs but in a none hospital environment.

Working as a team is crucial and team focus and effort, as well as the service user’s engagement produces results both psychologically and socially. 

Service users are empowered to make informed choices promoting positive relationships and personal responsibility.  Gray Healthcare recognises that meaningful activities leading to potential employment opportunities sustains the recovery process and increases self-esteem.

Our wrap around service, provides real preparation for the community and eventual NHS community team input.  Not only is the package consistently reducing but there will become a point where, as the above outcomes become more evident, our services will no longer be necessary due to that individual reaching their optimum level of functioning.

Our minimum outcomes we expect are:

  • For the service user to remain in the community
  • A reduction in challenging behaviour 
  • Service user demonstrating greater compliance (self-regulation)
  • Higher self esteem 
  • Education and employment opportunities have been enhanced 
  • Budgeting skills are improving constantly 
  • Increased social inclusion and stronger social relationships
  • Greater physical activity opportunities
  • Improved quality of life