About Us

Gray Healthcare is the leading specialist provider of individually tailored community based psychiatric rehabilitation, which is provided nationally in the clients’ own home.

Gray Healthcare offers highly individualised and tailored care packages for service users who do not need the physical security of an inpatient facility, but do require on-going treatment and support from an experienced clinical team, thus reducing the likelihood of relapse (and re-hospitalisation). Such packages help bridge the gap for patients who require the least restrictive environment and offer a smooth transition into the community.

Gray Healthcare has created a personalised service to manage and support individuals with a mental illness, learning disability or an ABI (acquired brain injury); our care is provided throughout the transition to the individual’s chosen home destination. Positive risk taking enables patients in both secure and non-secure environments to step down sooner; the support of an experienced wrap-around MDT (multi-disciplinary team) will manage risk professionally in line with national guidelines and supporting legislation. The service recognises complex needs and challenging behaviours, therefore each service user is allocated up to 24 hours of 1:1 or 2:1 care a day dependent on their individual needs and risk.

A service user’s personalised care package includes qualified support staff (selected through direct collaboration with the service user to match the optimum level of need), nursing, psychology and occupational therapy within a framework of risk reduction in partnership with the NHS consultant psychiatrist who will remain the service users Responsible Clinician whilst in the community.

The clinical level of input in the correct environment will produce results in both clinical and lifestyle recovery; this has the added advantage of consistently reducing the package cost. Service users are referred from a range of inpatient facilities, therefore freeing beds in line with government targets.